+ Robotaya 008 | Robotaya Japanese Grill – New York

Robotaya Japanese Grill – New York

In the growing section of Little Tokyo, Manhattan’s ninth street between 2nd & 3rd avenues, we find the NY sister to the original Robataya in Roppongi, Tokyo. Robatayas are descended from traditional beach restaurants where fishermen grilled their catch over an open fire and served directly to their customers via their oars.

+ khans 000 | Khan's Restaurant  -  London

Khan’s Restaurant – London

I first visited Kahn’s in 1992 for a dinner made famous in our family. 19 people, dishes and beer for all, cost £60. A quicker, cheaper, tastier curry in London I do not know.

+ Cafe Mogador 0 e1592550620550 | Cafe Mogador  -  New York

Cafe Mogador – New York

One of the first Moroccan restaurants in all of New York, Cafe Mogadar is a combination of wonderful location, modest relaxing decor, easy going atmosphere, an attentive yet relaxed staff and, most importantly, absolutely delicious fare

+ Kyotofu 003 e1592414159995 | Kyotofu Restaurant - New York

Kyotofu Restaurant – New York

KyoTofu tantalizes as an exquisitely designed eatery specializes in small plates and variety of uhmm-inducing desserts.