+ Delina 001 | Pizzeria Delfina  -  San Francisco

Pizzeria Delfina – San Francisco

Since 2005 Craig and Anne Stoll’s neighborhood gem has been serving up their crunchy delightful pizza, along with soups, antipasti, salads and deserts. As is the excellent trend in the Northwest, they are using local and seasonal ingredients as much as possible. This is the type of pizza that is so good, you wind up ordering one for dessert!

+ M Caffe 004 | M Cafe De Chaya a Healthy Option in Beverly Hills

M Cafe De Chaya a Healthy Option in Beverly Hills

We searched pretty hard for truly healthy and tasty food in LA. This was actually much harder then we thought it would be. By chance, we found theM Cafe and it was a happy ending. :)

+ CheeseBH 005 | The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills

The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills

A lovely specialty food outpost smack in the middle of Beverly Hills. The many local cheeses stand tall beside those from all corners of the planet while the prices were less then our local Whole Foods.

+ Border Grill 006 | Border Grill  -  Santa Monica

Border Grill – Santa Monica

Mary Sue Milliken &  Susan Feniger, the ladies of the well-known television show and book series”Two Hot Tamales”, and architect Josh Schweitzer, bring us a more refined take on Mexican food in a funky colorful environment.  Their adventures on the downtown Mexico City street corners of the mid-eighties paid off with their learning the recipes and techniques of market vendors and home cooks- giving… Read More