Santa Caterina Market – Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market, is the oldest covered food market in Barcelona. It is much less touristic then the Boqueria and the wares are pure Cataluña, with fresh seafood in all its forms.


Maimon Sushi – Kanazawa

Maimon Sushi has a few locations around the Kanazawa area.  Packed with locals, the quality of the fish is excellent and everything is super fresh; showing why Ishikawa is fabled as one of the top seafood provinces in Japan !!


Mott 32 – Hong Kong

Mott 32 is a true beauty.  With and extraordinary interior by Joice Wang (winner of the 2014 restaurant interior design award). The food menu for us was a bit too traditional with their signature peking duck and mountains of pork. Mott’s 32 cocktail menu is fantastic. The flavours are truly local, extensively creative


Kawakami-an – Aoyama

At Aoyama Kawakami−an the Kabocha Tempurasoba (pumpkin) and Iro Soba (walnut) were a specialty of Aoyama Kawakami−an, and it was quite famous for them! We had quite a lovely lunch – and highly recommend this Soba-Ya for all who are wandering through the Aoyama district.

+ Isetan

Isetan – Tokyo

In a city where Department Stores rule, the youthful and luxury Isetan, in the heart of the Shinjuku district, stands out. Isetan is a wonderful place to see and shop for new and established Japanese designers; and most importantly, to eat!