+ Acme Bread 004 | Acme Bread  -  San Francisco

Acme Bread – San Francisco

Founded in 1983 out in Berkley, CA by Steve Sullivan, Acme Bread was a pioneer on the Artisan Bread Culture. Now 26 years later with two bakeries in Berkley, one in Mountain View and one in the Ferry Building downtown San Francisco, dedicated customers are still enjoying the flaky joy that is warm bread.

+ Erewhon 005 | Erewhon Natural Foods Market in LA

Erewhon Natural Foods Market in LA

Erewhon is a true holistic supermarket, having one of the most extensive collections of health oriented speciality foods, which- in my experience- is only rivaled by Rainbow grocery in San Francisco.

+ Matsuri 002 | Matsuri Restaurant New York

Matsuri Restaurant New York

Chef Tadashi Ono’s wonderful Matsuri transports you directly into the Edo period-  giant paper lanterns vaulted ceiling, dark wood floors,  jade-green ceramic tiles all create an ambiance to rival a movie set.  Born in Tokyo,  Chef Ono started his career at age 16 and then moved to Los Angeles to train at La Petite Chaya and L’Orangerie.  He then moved east to NY heading… Read More

+ Planet Raw 011 | Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica

Planet Raw – Santa Monica

We believe the Raw food world can be divided into two distinct camps- both of which have excellent representation in Santa Monica, California. The first group is focused on the lifestyle of raw and is expressed well by many restaraunts; the second, spearheaded by Planet Raw, is a Culinary perspective.