+ Food Market 002 1 | Grand Market Hall – Budapest

Grand Market Hall – Budapest

Wherever we travel two of the main things we always try to visit are 1) the local cultures baths and 2) the food markets.  Budapest is a haven for both!!!!! Construction of the Great Market Hall started in 1894 according to the design of Samu Petz. In 1896 a few days before the handover fire destroyed about half of the roof.  After repairing the… Read More

+ Cafe Diglas 03 | Café Diglas - Vienna

Café Diglas – Vienna

Another of the many fine examples of the Viennese coffehouse the Café Central is a great place to escape the throngs.

+ Cafe Callas 4 | Callas Café of Budapest

Callas Café of Budapest

Renovated in 2006, the beautiful art deco Callas Café offers slow service, good coffee and absolutely amazing location- right next to the Opera House.

+ NY Cafe 002 2 | New York Café  -  Budapest

New York Café – Budapest

The room itself is lavish rococo which when renovated, consisted of guilding everything. Except the too modern chairs and tables- which fail to blend into the style in which it was renovated.