+ Ino 003 | 'ino - NYC

‘ino – NYC

If you like perfect paninis, like the scrumptious ricotta, pesto, and roasted vegetables, a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, efficient and friendly service, delicious wine, ‘Ino is the place for you; and then there is the truffle egg toast. The tiny kitchen is very flexible when it comes to changes and requests off the menu.   This makes it very attractive for people with a… Read More

+ Abraco 0027 | Abraço – The Best Coffee in New York

Abraço – The Best Coffee in New York

Over a decade later – Abraco iis still the best coffee in New York City (NYC).

Almost 2 years after Abraço has opened, it is still a daily stop for friends, food, coffee and conversation. A true New York City experience, where the chatting is as delicious as the fare. If you’re in New York, do yourself a favor and swing by

+ basurto 19 e1587335292999 | Basurto – Cartagena

Basurto – Cartagena

Entering the market of Basurto in Cartagena is like stepping off the edge of society and dropping into the abyss of humanity.  Inside one finds all aspects of our species; from destructive abundance of the fish fields-  with machetes raining down, flashing, sending scales scattering, raindrops smattering on your feet – To the endless aisles of fresh vegetables softly lofting their sweet smells, purging the air… Read More

+ el dorado international airport | Arriving to Colombia

Arriving to Colombia

Now this is a far cry from my first trip through El Dorado a dozen years ago; when navigating the corridor like terminal was more akin to wading through a souk then engaging in modern era jet-travel. Not today – today I calmly ….