Miramar – Girona, Spain

Instant happiness, when the brought out the amuse bouche: A collection of fragile, crunchy delights. Followed by breads so flaky and decadent, it was difficult not to over indulge.

Elegance emanates from the dining room overlooking the sea. In contrast to the stark whites and the long ocean; the plating is strongly influenced by the Catalan surrealistic artist artists from Joan Miró to Luis Buñuel and the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.


Karadeniz – Istanbul, Turkey

Karadeniz Restaurant (90)  212 258-6290 Başka Şubemiz Yoktur Istanbul, Turkey OPEN HOURS:  12:00pm  7:00 pm – daily After visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, we walked around the corner to a very touristic arcade bereft of the food options we’d come to expect as our due in Istanbul! The market was a small passage full of shops selling higher quality handcrafts (for the most part), at very high prices… Read More


Alma – Cartagena, Colombia

Alma has excellent service, cool AirCon and good wifi speed. Sit and hide during the heat of the day. A great place to have a good coffee, bite of lunch and get some work done while visiting Cartagena, Colombia.


Çiya – Istmbul, Turkey

Çiya Restaurant (90)  216 30-3190 Caferaga Mah. Güneslibahce Sk. 48/B  – Kadiköy, Istmbul, Turkey www.ciya.com.tr OPEN HOURS: 11:00am  10:00 pm – daily Located in Kadiköy, on the Asian side of the Bospherous, Çiya is not an obvious place, but is quite renowned.  We had the luck of chatting with Yonca Erol manager of the Sekerci (Confectioner) Cafer Erol and after exchanging passionate  stories of food, she literally held our… Read More


Maison Grazia – Bogota, Colombia

Maison Grazia (57) 1 702-1115 Calle 69#5-04 Bogotá, Colombia www.maisongrazia.com OPEN HOURS: 7:00am -7:00pm   Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am -5:00pm   Sunday As of 2013, Maison Grazia is the best pastry shop in all Colombia.  French pastry chef Raphael Haasz, formerly of Daniel in NYC ,and his lovely Colombian wife Claudia Oyuelo (head chef – trained at the French Culinary Institute also in NY and  also… Read More