+ Hazel Hershey 006 1 | Hazel & Hershey  –  Hong Kong

Hazel & Hershey – Hong Kong

Hazel and Hershey is one of those places that we wanted to love … it’s small, has a cute side patio, nice places to sit, decent enough service, WIFI, magazines …. in short everything you want in a coffee shop.

+ Stockton2 | Stockton  –  Hong Kong

Stockton – Hong Kong

Stockton is what we imagined Hong Kong to be in our literary eye; a stalwart mark of English Colonialism hidden behind a portal within a throbbing asian city state. And here it was: World class cocktails being sipped on chesterfields in the firelight, while outside millions thrum to the beat of another worlds drum.

+ Fuel HK 002 | Fuel Espresso  –  Hong Kong

Fuel Espresso – Hong Kong

Being good US coffee snobs, we searched high and low for a good espresso based coffee in Hong Kong. By far the best coffee we found was at the Wellington based Fuel Espresso.

+ aqualuna aqua luna open deck by day2 highres | Aqua Luna Chinese Junk  –  Hong Kong

Aqua Luna Chinese Junk – Hong Kong

We took the Symphony of Lights tour, and it was very chill (both literally and mentally) until the “show started”; when building lights started flashing, Disney music started blaring and a robotic voice over pierced the silence! Luckily that part only lasted 15 minutes or so.