+ Dwarikas-Hotel_003

Dwarika’s Hotel – Kathmandu, Nepal

The wonderful Dwarika’s hotel in Kathmandu stands as a testament to Dwarika Das Shrestha and the amazing preservation of Nepalese cultural heritage. A true luxury experience amid the chaos of Nepal’s capital city.

+ Condesa DF 022 | Hotel Condesa DF  -  Mexico City

Hotel Condesa DF – Mexico City

The much hyped and reviewed Condesa DF in Mexico City (DF) easily lives up to its reputation as a top design hotel. From its prime location, adjacent to a lovely art & tree filled park, in the chic Condesa district – think NYC’s West Village – to its distinctive triangular form, everything about the Condesa DF is sets it apart.

+ Piedra de Agua Hotel e1587345610542 | Piedra De Agua  –  Merida

Piedra De Agua – Merida

The Piedra de Agua Hotel in Merida, Mexico has cute little rooms with the tiniest bathrooms ever! If you find yourself in Merida and need a well priced, central and comfortable enough hotel you could do far worse.

+ Be Tulum 006 | Be Tulum Hotel

Be Tulum Hotel

Be Tulum is one of the more upscale of the boutique hotels along the jungle road that is the main drag of Tulum, Mexico. An impressive entry led through to a luxurious garden, full of green palms and hanging candles.