+ VICEROI 001 | Hotel Viceroy  -  Riviera Maya

Hotel Viceroy – Riviera Maya

The Viceroy hotel near Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera is quite fab, a relaxing atmosphere; you are the star of the show, not the hotel. The patio restaurant used for breakfast and lunch, is about twenty meters off the sea. This was the perfect introduction to the fabled Mayan Riviera as we gazed into the blue blue waters and at the attractive clientele.

+ Agua Baru 014 e1587321935990 | Hotel Agua Baru – Cartagena

Hotel Agua Baru – Cartagena

Entering the Suite #1 at the Hotel Agua Baru is crossing into a separate reality. Your world shrinks and its horizons expand. Cross the threshold and let your clothes fall to the floor, you will not need them again till you leave.

Mondrian Hotel – Los Angeles, CA

At the Mondrian a splattering of beautiful designed furniture, creating the perfect diorama for the good looking patrons that visit the hotel. The rooms are ample and comfortable, if a bit cool in atmosphere. Pluses for hidden plasmas and the expansive balconies. If you stay here, ask for a balcony room looking over the pool & city.

+ Casa Blanca 000 | Casablanca Guest House  –  Cartagena

Casablanca Guest House – Cartagena

Case Blanca is an adorable guest house created by interior decorator Carlos Cubillos. Who’s loving touch can be seen in all aspects of the design. His ambiance gives you the feeling that you live there;