Tenryū-ji – Kyōto

We know eventually one gets “templed-out” in Kyoto, Japan; so we recommend to head to Tenryū-ji temple kyoto earlier in your stay. Its beautiful elements are beset seen before teh over the top Golden Temple at Kinkaku-ji or the sheer scale of Kyomizu Dera!

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Kyōto Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto is an easy one. From the massive front gates made of imperiously dark cypress wood you will find yourself awed.


The idyllic Ninna-ji Temple – Kyoto

The Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto was originally built in the year 886-888 by Emperors Kōkō  and Uda as the head temple of the Omuro School of the Shingon sect of Buddhism.  However, none of the buildings from the temple’s foundation in the 9th century still survive.  The oldest buildings date back to the beginning of the Edo Period in the early 1600s.  The Kannon Hall, the Niomon… Read More


Takefue Ryokan – Kyūshū

There are no words to fully describe the beauty and magic of the Takefue Ryokan.   In a nation that consistently exceeds all expectations, Takefue Ryokan is beyond the best Ryokan in Japan.