+ Isetan

Isetan – Tokyo

In a city where Department Stores rule, the youthful and luxury Isetan, in the heart of the Shinjuku district, stands out. Isetan is a wonderful place to see and shop for new and established Japanese designers; and most importantly, to eat!


Ghibli Museum – Tokyo

Totoro, Kiki, Chihiro, the Catbus – these are names that speak to me the way that Snow White, Ariel and Nemo might to many an American Youth.  Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation institution; a corollary to Disney. And if an American pilgrimage to Disney Land is necessary for some, then our trip to the Ghibli Museum was a destined moment in life. The… Read More


Cha Cha Hana – Tokyo

Hidden about 1/2 way down the charming path behind the Golden Gai neighborhood sits Cha Cha Hana.  A charming restaurant that soon became our ‘local’ while staying in Shinjuku. One of a series of restaurants across Tokyo, sporting the same menu – a mix of traditional , such as Yuba from Kyushu,  and modern japanese foods (like lovely shrubs).


Golden Gai – Tokyo

Tokyo’s Golden Gai is a Labyrinth of six narrow alleys hosting over 200 tiny bars; some with a maximum capacity of six people!. There are a few private club/bars and most are open to public.