Kayaba Coffee – Tokyo

Kayaba is a great destination as it is across the street from a local museum that describes the history of the neighborhood, and only a block away from the famous art gallery “Scai Bathhouse “.

Pop in for a cute menu hot and cold drinks, tea sandwiches, a weekly lunch menu and sweets; and then explore this simple yet alluring Tokyo suburb.


Itoya Stationary – Tokyo

As if everyone in Japan, Stationary is raised to a level that trumps most of which you have ever seen before! If you ever debate over which pen to write with, or which paper is best to write on, then a visit to the top Stationary store in Tokyo is in order!
This position is held by the venerable Itoya Stationary.


Washoku Nada – Tokyo

Close to Shibuya Crossing, one finds Washoku Nada, a gem of a neighborhood restaurant, Washoku Nada with artfully displayed dishes to the carefully paired ceramics and with a wholesome deliciousness that you feel in your soul.

+ entrance to ginro robotoya

Ginro 銀炉 – Kanazawa

Ginro – or Silver Furnace – a Robota-Yaki opened October 2015 and offered a parade of lovely dishes in an ambiance combining the modern and ancient; a feeling one gets often traveling around the wonderful nation of Japan