+ ONeill House 012 | Los Angeles - Honorable Mention

Los Angeles – Honorable Mention

There were a few spots in LA that really brightened our day, though we were not able to explore enough to get a full vision. If you’re in the area, they are definitely worth a look.

+ Mondria 1 | Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles

Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles

At the Mondrian a splattering of beautiful designed furniture, creating the perfect diorama for the good looking patrons that visit the hotel. The rooms are ample and comfortable, if a bit cool in atmosphere. Pluses for hidden plasmas and the expansive balconies. If you stay here, ask for a balcony room looking over the pool & city.

+ Amoeba Records 008 | Amoeba Music Store in L.A.

Amoeba Music Store in L.A.

In this day and age where digital music is daily increasing its reign – there are still a few places where the music lover can go and enjoy the physicality of CDs & LPs. Rising above any music store I’ve ever been to is the Los Angelas Branch of Amoeba Music.

+ PainCoutod e1590459157410 | Le Pain Quotidien  -  Worldwide

Le Pain Quotidien – Worldwide

Le Pain Quotidien is the first Organic food franchise worldwide. Created in 1990 by chef Alain Coumont in Brussels as a bakery, it has evolved into a cafe restaurant with over 151 Locations in 17 countries.
So use your smartphone, do a quick search and know that there is always an option for organic and tasty!