+ staCaterinaMarket. Rick Ligthelm | Santa Caterina Market  –  Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market – Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market, is the oldest covered food market in Barcelona. It is much less touristic then the Boqueria and the wares are pure Cataluña, with fresh seafood in all its forms.

+ Corabastos Victoria Holguin3 | Corabastos Market Bogota

Corabastos Market Bogota

The largest vegetable, fruit, cereals, and grain supply market in Colombia, and the largest we have visited in the world. 420,000 square meters with 57 warehouses and 6,500 vendors. A daily movement of 12.400 tonnes of produce.  Visiting Corabastos makes you ask how there could possibly be a hungry person in this world.  There is SO MUCH FOOD! If you can, the best time to… Read More

+ Egyptian Bazaar 015 | Spice Bazaar  –  Istanbul

Spice Bazaar – Istanbul

Tucked behind the Yeni Mosque – adjacent to the Flower Market – one can discover the destination for plants, seeds, spices and birds You find yourself in one of the oldest covered bazaars in Istanbul; known as the Egyptian or Spice Bazaar.

+ Caravan 002 | Caravan Boutique Spitalfield’s Market London

Caravan Boutique Spitalfield’s Market London

Caravan Gift Shop is a wonderful ‘flea market chic’ boutique, in the heart of Spitalfield’s market, London with an array of charming little objects. They tantalize with their complete needlessness and their absolutely irresistibility.