+ Coba 023 | Coba Mayan Ruins –  Quintana Roo

Coba Mayan Ruins – Quintana Roo

Located between Tulum and Chichen Itza, The Coba Mayan Ruins (or Zona Arqueológica de Cobá) is a very large complex that spanning over 80 km². Luckily, there are bicycle carriages to scoot you around the vast area!

+ Museo de Antropologia 086 Chac Mool | Museo Nacional de Antropologia  -  CDMX

Museo Nacional de Antropologia – CDMX

Mexico City’s Museo Nacional de Antropología is a wonderful achievement of modern architecture to house some of the most significant achievements of Mexican culture and heritage. World class and a must see for any visitor to Mexico DF !

+ Teotihuacan 056 | Teotihuacan  –  Mexico

Teotihuacan – Mexico

About 50 short kilometers north of Mexico City lies the Pre-Hispanic City of  Teotihuacan or ‘the place where the gods were created’.   According to hieroglyphic texts from the Maya, the region is believed to have been called  “Puh”, or “Place of Reeds” Built about 200 BC, Teotihuacan is believed to be the creation of ether the Toltec or the Totonac cultures.  Through the… Read More

+ Tulum 024 | Tulum Ruins  –  Tulum

Tulum Ruins – Tulum

Protected by 12 meter sea cliffs on the ocean side and a 784 meter wall complete with watch towers and a tiny beach behind el Castillo – the Tulum ruins are special in a country full of amazing sights!