Culinary Class at Criollo Oaxaca

We thank the chefs for delivering a most wonderful culinary class at Criollo, Oaxaca! If you are looking for a cooking class in Mexico; this is without a doubt the best one you could possibly take.

Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre – CDMX

The Expendio de Maiz sin Nombre is an informal taqueria. At its heart is a formal dedication to and celebration of corn. Three simple questions greet you … “How hungry are you?” and “Do you have any food allergies?”, “What do you like?”


Pujol – Mexico City

Fine dining in Mexico City


Mercado de San Juan Arcos de Bélen – CDMX

The Mercado de San Juan Arcos de Belén at first the view of hanging strings with colorful plastic bags and signs everywhere advertising all the wonders of a traditional Mexican food market was a bit overwhelming. Though as you get into the groove you realize all the wonder you are surrounded with.