+ Restaurant Pujol

Pujol – Mexico City, Mexico

(above photo © Pujol) PUJOL (52) 5 545 3507 Francisco Petrarca 254 Polanco México, D.F. 11570 www.pujol.com.mx OPEN HOURS: 2:00 pm – 3:30pm  Monday – Saturday 8:00 pm – 10:30pm  Monday – Saturday The above photo illustrates the combination of traditional and modern culinary thought  by celebrated chef Enrique Olvera.  Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America Snr. Olvera set himself back in the… Read More


Mercado de San Juan Arcos de Bélen – DF

The Mercado de San Juan Arcos de Belén at first the view of hanging strings with colorful plastic bags and signs everywhere advertising all the wonders of a traditional Mexican food market was a bit overwhelming. Though as you get into the groove you realize all the wonder you are surrounded with.


Dulce Patria – Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City’s Dulce Patria dish’s aesthetic are eclipsed by its flavor; and that for all its beauty, artistry and glamour, Dulce Patria exudes a feeling of love and acceptance; A warmth that is often lacking in upscale establishments. Kudos to one of our favorite restaurants we’ve found world-wide.


El Parnita – Mexico City, Mexico

When we were looking for a quick place to grab a good-bye bite with a friend, he quickly brought us to El Parnita. A very casual hip antojería (‘place for little cravings’). Located in the north of the Roma neighborhood, be sure to take a lace in the nice outdoor sitting area which is just perfect for a sunny afternoon of micheladas ..


El Tábano – Tulum, Mexico

El Tábano is first on the list of many a foodie review of Tulum. So it was with some excitement that we ducked through the driftwood gate, into the open garden littered with tables and easing with well curated music. The short answer is that El Tábano has by far the best food in the area.