+ Tienda Q 005 | Tienda Q – design shop in Oaxaca

Tienda Q – design shop in Oaxaca

Everything, everywhere is bold. The Tienda Q design shop in Oaxaca, is straddling the line between gallery & boutique.

+ St Charles Apotheke 6 e1590636530680 | Saint Charles Apotheke  -  Vienna

Saint Charles Apotheke – Vienna

Originally named “Apotheke zur heiligen Dreifaltigkeit“ (Holy Trinity Pharmacy) the Saint Charles Apotheke has been preparing and selling herbal remedies since 1886. They now also sell their own cosmetic line, as well as other natural cosmetic brands.

+ Kanyon 4 | Kanyon Mall Istanbul

Kanyon Mall Istanbul

The Kanyon Mall is worth a visit purely for it’s architecture. It is an open air experience with multitudes of shapes and voids that create dynamic visual experience. It is definitely sci-fi movie set worthy.

+ 2019 Chic By Accident 006 | Chic By Accident  -  CDMX

Chic By Accident – CDMX

A gallery, a workshop, a studio – where the juxtaposition of traditional Mexican folk objects combines with antiques and mid century exquisite objects. A multi faceted life envisioned by French antiques dealer and decorator Emmanuel Picault.