+ Tienda Q 005 | Tienda Q – design shop in Oaxaca

Tienda Q – design shop in Oaxaca

Everything, everywhere is bold. The Tienda Q design shop in Oaxaca, is straddling the line between gallery & boutique.

+ Taze 008 | TA-ZE  –  Toronto

TA-ZE – Toronto

Toronto’s home to premium Turkish olive oils from the Aegean provinces. A dazzling array produced by 33 union affiliated co-operatives equaling 28,000 distinct olive producers.

+ Type 002v | Type Books  –  Toronto

Type Books – Toronto

This lovely little bookstore has a great selection, with a specialty on international design magazines.

What really stands out is there amazing window installations of paper. Type also hosts a basement gallery with word and letter based art-pieces.

+ Arasta Bazaar 005 | Arasta Bazaar  -  Istanbul, Turkey

Arasta Bazaar – Istanbul, Turkey

Arasta Bazaar 90 212 517 6813 Arasta Çarşısı No:143, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey www.arastabazaar.com OPEN HOURS: 9:00  –  19:00  Daily This is bazaar is located behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque mosque. Situated on the site of 17th century stables; the Arasta bazaar is small and extremely touristic – full of neatly arranged gift shops . It’s not a place to go on a dedicated trip;… Read More