+ Pullinos 002 | Pulino's Restaurant - New York

Pulino’s Restaurant – New York

Pulino’s, in a quick one-two, punched its way directly towards the top of the list of favorite New York restaurants; with excellent value – lunch special allows for a half-salad and personal-size pizza – cinematic atmosphere and top-notch fare on the northern edge of SoHo.

+ Min03B | MiN Apothecary NYC

MiN Apothecary NYC

On a hidden street in Soho, New York City, sits Min. A wonderful perfumery if exotic scents from the world’s varied cultures. Some are well known, while others are obscure and seductive from seldom heard brand names like, Keiko Mecheri, Frapin, Amouage, Kilian, Cire Trudon. An overall dark masculine atmosphere which makes it a place to escape the street bustle. Relax and spend time lounging on the plush chesterfields, while your nose is choosing the perfect gift.

+ La Colombe 010 | La Colombe Coffee Shop -  New York

La Colombe Coffee Shop – New York

The design pulled us in, and the coffee had us coming back. We were pleasantly surprised by La Colombe (no relationship to Colombia, fyi). The Soho, New York location is excellent in its centrality, you are sure to be near it on any journey downtown, and it fills a major geographical coffee gap between the East & West Villages’ cafes. There are 2 other locations in New York City, 2 in Philadelphia and a representative in Chicago and Seoul, South Korea.

+ Public TinaWong3 | Public Restaurant -  New York

Public Restaurant – New York

The perennial go to dish is the Turkish eggs. Which I believe is one of the top two egg dishes in New York. (the other being the Truffle Egg Toast at ‘Ino). Two perfectly poached eggs resting in pure Greek yogurt surround with a spicy melted butter, infused with kirmizi biber (Turkish red pepper flakes). Accompanied with a perfectly grilled sourdough, the only issue with this dish is the addiction it creates and the lengths you will go to for satisfaction.