+ Bath Christina West | City of Bath  –  Somerset

City of Bath – Somerset

In the South West England, there is a town that is too pretty for words. It was founded in the 1st century AD by the Romans as a thermal spa (Aquae Sulis) and thus renamed Bath.

+ ll | Longleat  -  Wiltshire, England

Longleat – Wiltshire, England

(above photo © Steve – jetbluestone) Longleat (44) 0 198  – 584 5420 (44) 0 198  – 584 4400 Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 7NW  England www.longleat.co.uk LONGLEAT HOUSE OPEN HOURS: 10:00am   –   5:00pm  Monday – Thursday 10:00am   –   5:30pm  Friday – Sunday & Bank Holidays SAFARI OPEN HOURS: 10:00am   –   4:00pm  Monday – Thursday 10:00am   –   5:00pm  Friday – Sunday… Read More

+ Glastonbury 003 | Glastonbury Tor  -  Somerset, England

Glastonbury Tor – Somerset, England

Just hearing the name- Glastonbury- brings images to mind: Arthurian England, magical druids, hordes of young people covered in mud listening to music. In life, Glastonbury Tor truly is a magical place.

+ King Johns Tea Room 007 | King John's Hunting Lodge Tea House  -  Lacock Wiltshire, UK

King John’s Hunting Lodge Tea House – Lacock Wiltshire, UK

In the über picturesque village of Lacock, in a tiny Tudor building (1167 – 1216), behind a garden of poppies and wild flowers, sits the lovely King John’s Hunting Lodge Tea House.