+ lepetit | Petit Comité  -  Barcelona

Petit Comité – Barcelona

If you are looking for a Michelin restaurant in Barcelona, consider Petit Comité. The restaurant is of modern design, with clean lines and a general air of significance. A combination of formality and professionalism abound.

+ LesCols Hisao 00 | Les Cols  –  Olot

Les Cols – Olot

In the remote town of Olot in la Garrotxa, a volcanic area in the north of Catalonia; chef Fina Puigdevall – with the help of RCR Architects – put forth Les Cols; a stunning two star Michelin restaurant; voted most beautiful in the world by a handful of publications.

+ staCaterinaMarket. Rick Ligthelm | Santa Caterina Market  –  Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market – Barcelona

Santa Caterina Market, is the oldest covered food market in Barcelona. It is much less touristic then the Boqueria and the wares are pure Cataluña, with fresh seafood in all its forms.

+ Cuines Sta Caterina 004 | Cuines Sta Caterina  –  Barcelona

Cuines Sta Caterina – Barcelona

Inside the Santa Caterina Market, one of the less touristic food market in Barcelona, is Cuines Sta Caterina. Yes, it appears slightly touristic at a glance, but don’t let that keep you away. It is a quality restaurant with real food, outdoor dining and a few different ways to eat; from standard tables to styled dining bars.