Robot Restaurant – Tokyo

If you are fan of over-the top Japan; then The Robot restaurant is a MUST!
“Restaurant” is a bit of a misnomer; more like “Sensory Overload Sensation that also serves beer and popcorn”
Going to let the visuals do the talking here, because no words can really do justice to this palace of pop.


Reiyukai Shakaden Temple – Tokyo

One can count the space age the black star temple of Reiyukai Shakaden Temple among the many places in Tokyo that seem straight out of a Science Fiction movie!


Ginza Kyubey – Tokyo

Kyubey is a restaurant you may be better off never going to. Since our meal, over a year ago, we have yet to be truly satisfied and happy at any other eatery.  Kyubey was that good. Everything about this flagship location is perfect.  You feel at home at the sushi bar.  It somehow remains intimate, even though 8 chefs line the bar and 10 private… Read More

International Robot Exhibition – Tokyo

If you are in Japan, GO to the International Robot Exhibition – IREX – at Tokyo Big Sight!! You are witnessing the future of humanity (and not-humanity) at the beginning of its era – perhaps one day to get its own scientific classification? The Robotolithic age ?


Toraya – Tokyo

Toraya is the oldest existing wagashi in Japan. Wagashi are Japanese confections) in which main element is azuki bean paste.
There are many wonderful Wagashi shops in all of Japan and trying the different styles and specially Toraya!