An exploration of the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition

If you are in Japan, GO to the Tokyo International Robot Exhibition – IREX – at Tokyo Big Sight!! You are witnessing the future of humanity (and not-humanity) at the beginning of its era – perhaps one day to get its own scientific classification? The Robotolithic age ?


Toraya – Tokyo

Toraya is the oldest existing wagashi in Japan. Wagashi are Japanese confections) in which main element is azuki bean paste.
There are many wonderful Wagashi shops in all of Japan and trying the different styles and specially Toraya!


Le Grand Bleu – Tokyo

Tokyo’s Le Grand Bleu is a rock fashion boutique and every rockstar touring Japan makes a stop here.  The US based equivalent would be LA’s Maxfield, but it is not really an equivalent.


Tapas Molecular Bar – Tokyo

While highly-touted, we found Tokyo’s Tapas Molecular Bar, at the Manderin Oriental Hotel, more Vegas entertainment than Michelin Star-worthy. Usually we would not review a restaurant that does not excite us, but here we do as it is so heavily marketed.