Kama Asa Shoten – Tokyo

On the main street in Tokyo’s Kappabashi’s (Kitchen Town), not far from the famous Asakusa, Kama Asa Shotensells general kitchenware, and specializes in knives and specialty tools. A must for all professional chefs and amateur home cooks!


Kawakami-an – Aoyama

At Aoyama Kawakami−an the Kabocha Tempurasoba (pumpkin) and Iro Soba (walnut) were a specialty of Aoyama Kawakami−an, and it was quite famous for them! We had quite a lovely lunch – and highly recommend this Soba-Ya for all who are wandering through the Aoyama district.


Maach Ecute – Tokyo

If you are cruising Akihabara, definitely swing by the Maach Ecute Kanda Manseibashi. There is access to the pltform cafe and roofgarden and, importantly, there is a Hitachino’s Nest Brewing Lab for tasting many a life affirming beer!

+ Isetan

Isetan – Tokyo

In a city where Department Stores rule, the youthful and luxury Isetan, in the heart of the Shinjuku district, stands out. Isetan is a wonderful place to see and shop for new and established Japanese designers; and most importantly, to eat!