+ Bosphorus 004 | Guide to Istanbul

Guide to Istanbul

In writing this guide to istanbul, we were always looking for the catch; the “what’s in it for them”. Eventually we realized, there is no catch. The people of Istanbul are truly helpful, polite and caring! Istanbul is a wonderful city!

+ Kadikoy 010 e1586968477151 | Kadiköy  –  Istanbul

Kadiköy – Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey’s Kadıköy neighborhood is a labyrinth of lively cobbled streets and small buildings with cafes, restaurants, book stores,  antique shops or simply stalls selling the freshest produce we saw.
It very easy to get to Kadıköy by ferry; so do it soon after you arrive !

+ Hagia Sophia Brian Jeffery Beggerly | Hagia Sophia  –  Istanbul

Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia is the most important Byzantine structure and one of the world’s great monuments. This incredible structure has been a church for 916 years, a mosque for 482 years and now a museum for for over 82 years!

+ Open Air Museum 022 | Zelve Open Air Museum -  Nevşehir

Zelve Open Air Museum – Nevşehir

In Nevşehir, Turkey – through the Deviant valley (also known as the Valley of the Fairy Chimneys) – one finds the Zelve Open Air Museum. In pre-iconoclastic times,  Christians moved to Zelve to hide during the Persian and Arab invasions.
Today it is a truly beautiful site to wander and contemplate the lives of those that made this otherworldly dwelling.