Dibek Traditional Cook – Nevşehir

We kept our dinner at Dibek Traditional Cook for our last evening in Cappadocia, and regret it a little. Dibek Traditional Cook is hands down THE BEST restaurant we went to during our entire excursion – and we shoud’ve had dinner there every evening!!

+ Kurucesme Arnavutköy

Arnavutköy – Istanbul

Arnavutköy Albanian Village, by its full name, was actually Armenian and Greek under the Ottoman rule.  Currently, it is a posh neighborhood on Istanbul’s Bosphorus,  with beautiful wooden Ottoman mansions and boats lining the crystal blue waterfront. Look for the striking Monument of Atatürk, across the street is a small rooftop cafe, perfect for an afternoon tea and Bosphorus view.


İstanbul Üniversitesi

Istanbul university originally, established in 1453 under the Ottoman empire as “House of Multiple Sciences”  the campus was re-structured in 1925 into a modern university by the most non-other then  Atatürk!


Canım Ciğerim – Istanbul

Canım Ciğerim is one of those places that we found with our noses, wandering the back streets of Istanbul – only to find out that it is in fact quite well known!   I’m sure the team at Canım Ciğerim is there right now laughing and grilling :)