+ Limosneros 00000 | Limosneros – CDMX

Limosneros – CDMX

Limosneros (lit. Beggars in Spanish), is in the middle of, and possibly the best restaurant in, downtown CDMX. It is a lively crossing ground for multiple types of Mexican cuisine. Chef Atzin Santos deploys a tasting menu, taco menu and an a la carte menu. We appreciate the flexibility as one does not always want a full set menu. The cuisine likewise ranges from… Read More

+ LesCols Hisao 00 | Les Cols  –  Olot

Les Cols – Olot

In the remote town of Olot in la Garrotxa, a volcanic area in the north of Catalonia; chef Fina Puigdevall – with the help of RCR Architects – put forth Les Cols; a stunning two star Michelin restaurant; voted most beautiful in the world by a handful of publications.

+ aoyama09 10 | Kawakami-an  –  Aoyama

Kawakami-an – Aoyama

At Aoyama Kawakami−an the Kabocha Tempurasoba (pumpkin) and Iro Soba (walnut) were a specialty of Aoyama Kawakami−an, and it was quite famous for them! We had quite a lovely lunch – and highly recommend this Soba-Ya for all who are wandering through the Aoyama district.

+ chachahana1 | Cha Cha Hana  –  Tokyo

Cha Cha Hana – Tokyo

Hidden about 1/2 way down the charming path behind the Golden Gai neighborhood sits Cha Cha Hana.  A charming restaurant that soon became our ‘local’ while staying in Shinjuku. One of a series of restaurants across Tokyo, sporting the same menu – a mix of traditional , such as Yuba from Kyushu,  and modern japanese foods (like lovely shrubs).