+ If Dogs Run Free 009 | If Dogs Run Free Cocktail bar in Vienna

If Dogs Run Free Cocktail bar in Vienna

Wandering down Gumpendorfer on a late, breezy afternoon, we peered into a dim doorway and a monster stared back at us! What is this place?? Gallery, Attraction, Curiosity Shoppe, kink  Museum ?? Better than – and in its way, including all of the above – we found ourselves in a  very stylish cocktail bar! Quite beautiful in design, by co-owners Tzou Lubroth Architects, and named after… Read More

+ St Charles Apotheke 6 e1590636530680 | Saint Charles Apotheke  -  Vienna

Saint Charles Apotheke – Vienna

Originally named “Apotheke zur heiligen Dreifaltigkeit“ (Holy Trinity Pharmacy) the Saint Charles Apotheke has been preparing and selling herbal remedies since 1886. They now also sell their own cosmetic line, as well as other natural cosmetic brands.

+ Loos wallstreetjournal | Loos American Bar  –  Vienna

Loos American Bar – Vienna

Miniscule but grand, intimate yet expansive, Loos Bar American plays on an optical trick of parallel mirrors endlessly reflecting the onyx balustrades and reddish Skyros marble of the high ceiling. The actual bar is only 4.45m (14′) wide by 6.15 (20′) long

This dark, alluring, smoke filled bar, designed in 1908 by Adolf Loos, is a must for architecture lovers and drinkers alike.

+ Cafe Diglas 03 | Café Diglas - Vienna

Café Diglas – Vienna

Another of the many fine examples of the Viennese coffehouse the Café Central is a great place to escape the throngs.