Coqui Coqui Hotel – Tulum, Mexico

Coqui Coqui Tulum is in our top five hotels. So aesthetically beautiful and Bohemian on a perfect white sand beach with crystalline Caribbean sea-front and an aroma of orange blossom. It is just tough to top.

+ Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins – Tulum, Mexico

Protected by 12 meter sea cliffs on the ocean side and a 784 meter wall complete with watch towers and a tiny beach behind el Castillo – the Tulum ruins are special in a country full of amazing sights!

+ Piedra-de-Agua-002

Piedra De Agua – Merida, Mexico

The Piedre de Agua Hotel in Merida, Mexico has cute little rooms with the tiniest bathrooms ever! If you find yourself in Merida and need a well priced, central and comfortable enough hotel you could do far worse.


Las Quekas – Merida, Mexico

While in Mexico, we ate in some of the finest restaurants in the world (Biko, Pujol) and from old women making blue-corn tortillas by hand in the street. Somewhere in between these two lies Merida’s Las Quekas, who, just like everyone else takes the time to do it right.


42°RAW @ Papaya Playa Project – Tulum, Mexico

Next to the reception at the Papaya Playa Hotel, a member of Design Hotels™, is the super yummy 42°RAW. This is a branch of the raw food bar started in London and Copenhagen by Jesper Rydahl. What a great surprise it is to find modern raw cuisine right in Tulum!