The Cheese Store is a lovely specialty food outpost smack in the middle of Beverly Hills.  From the location, one would expect it to be a bit expensive and have an excellent selection of items.  Well, I am quite happy to report I was correct on one account; The many local kinds of cheese stand tall beside those from all corners of the planet while the prices were less than our local Whole Foods.  The Cheese store carries all sorts of excellent cheese companions as well, including honey, nuts, pickles, caviar, cold meats, chocolates, fruit & vegetable preserves, cornichons, truffles, smoked fish, pestos, olives, cookies, pasta, oils, vinegar AND a small but rich selection of wines.

The store also makes gift baskets and sells small serving objects, such as fondue pots, serving plates, wooden boards, cheese knives, mini cheese signs, corkscrews, picnic baskets, etc.

Specialty food store in LA

Selling cheese since 1967, the staff is very knowledgeable and will give you detailed explanations, if you inquire.  We found The Cheese Store an ideal during our day of cookie-cutter shopping and it is a great place to pick up some yummies if you are planning on going out for a picnic.

In the area another place to check is the macrobiotic M Cafe De Chaya

Specialty food store in LA
Specialty food store in LA
Specialty food store in LA

The Cheese Store
Of  Beverly Hills

+1.310.278.2855 – +1.800.547.1515
419 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210

10:00 –  18:00    Monday – Saturday
12:00 –  17:00    Sunday

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