On a sunny Saturday morning, strolling down past Columbia Road, we stumbled across the clever workshop ‘Unto This Last’. The one design that really caught our eyes was the sheared sphere CD rack. Like most great designs it is simple, easy to assemble, transport, and very attractive.

Unto This Last specializes in practical design products, mostly constructed of sustainably harvested Birch Plywood that is easily laminated in a large array of colors. The ethos here is “On-demand, High Street Micro-Manufacturing”. They have over 2,000 designs on file with a portion pre-constructed and on display.  But more then a showroom, the Brick Lane space is a workshop (including a CNC machine!), where they easily manufacture any of the designs to order.  Lowering overhead and inventory, they are able to offer high design and a good price.

Columbia Road, London

The design house is aptly named after John Ruskin’s 1860 Book “Unto This Last”, where the art critic exposes and denounces the devastating social consequences of capitalism and the industrial revolution while advocating for the local craftsman: a manifesto that inspired the arts and crafts movement.

Columbia Road, London

Unto This Last

(44) (0) 207– 613 0882
230 Brick Lane, London E2 7EB England, UK

10:00 – 18:00    Monday – Sunday

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